How to Make Money Online As a 17-Year Old

Today in 2011, many teens are actually making a decent living from working at home on the web. What was once a world of opportunities closed to only adults has now become a pastime for young adolescents looking to make better and more productive uses of their time: by making money online.

I operate a money making blog myself, but get this: I’m only 17 years old! It’s not a big thing like many big name bloggers in the industry, but it has more than enough potential to get me a decent side income as a teenager. This just goes to show how easy it is for any dedicated individual to start an online service business, to build a consistent online income from freelance work, to write a professional blog with profits, to do anything on the web when it comes to internet marketing!

And so I’ll be taking the rest of this article to prove my point on how insultingly easy it has become to make money online. Today, I’d like to break down 5 possible ways for just about anyone to make money online within 24 hours; hey, if a 17-year old can do it, you can do it too. The key is to simply get your hands on a PayPal account, by hook or by crook, and you’re set to make money online.

1) Forum Population Services

  • If you Google “writers for hire on the web”, several websites hiring professional writers will pop up in front of you. I used to be part of these service websites which provide buyers and webmasters a special kind of service: they would send dedicated writers to populate their websites or forums in exchange for a fee. As a writer, the pay wasn’t that good but if you join 5 or 10 sites in succession, the pay could easily add up to a supplemental online income.

2) Cash Offer Sites

  • If you live in America or a similar first-world country, your opinion is so highly in demand that data surveyors and collectors are paying thousands of dollars monthly just to get your personal info and preferences in services. Survey sites or cash offer sites give you a chance to sample free trial services which you can easily cancel. In exchange for helping them out, you will be paid hefty fees that could add up to a decent minimum wage pay by the end of the month.

3) Middleman Services

  • On nearly every amateur forum on the web, there is a great need for middleman services. A middleman, in the internet world, is one who mediates between deals amongst regular internet users. The pay isn’t that big for mediating in a deal for two users, but committing to multiple sites and multiple deals will, like the previous two methods, rack up the dollars crawling into your monthly account.

4) Putting up Google AdSense Ads on Niche Blogs

  • Niche blogging is a deep industry with many big players monopolizing the competition. In spite of this, many teenagers all across the globe are still making their own share in the wealth of the online community by putting up niche blogs, or blogs with specific topics, on all sorts of subtopics such as dog training, building up abs, celebrity news on Paris Hilton; think of virtually any topic that has an audience and a teen has probably tried to earn some money on it! Through the traffic that comes to these blogs, writers can earn by signing up for the Google AdSense program that pays these webmasters for every visitor who clicks an ad on their page.

5) Reselling on eBay

  • Back in the 90s, eBay was all the rage for selling your old things. Today, it is still all the rage but for a very different reason: reselling, or the art of buying cheap items and selling them again for a higher price. Anyone can, again, purchase items from eBay or a local source like a neighborhood store and resell them through higher prices and auctions.

The online world has changed in recent years and the internet is ripe for the taking for those looking to boom their income and salaries. All it takes is a little effort to research, to read up tutorial blogs like mine on how to make money online and to consistently work on techniques that add up a lot of cash over a long-term period. The methods I listed today are literally only a handful of thousands of techniques and methods that anyone can learn on the web through dedication and perseverance.

Source by Nico Odie

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